Letter from the CEO


Dear Friends,

Watermaster was founded in 1980 by my father Eng. Khalil Boueri, who is currently the Chairman and Visionary Leader of the firm. Since its start, he created a young and innovative Culture along the firm, together with high values of Trust and Care the related stakeholders and primarily the CUSTOMER.

Today, after more than 34 years of experience in the market, WATERMASTER is being restructured into AL MIYAH HOLDING GROUP in order to keep pace with fast technological changes of our industry and to be more focused in order to serve our clientele better.

Since 70% of the Human Body or the Earth Surface is composed of Water, we do believe that Water is the noblest Element and we shall pursue our keen endeavors in reaching the ideal solutions for the Well-Being of people. This led to Al Miyah Holding Group motto: “When water becomes a passion!!!”, where Water as an element is in the service of Wellness!

Fluid Design “Aqua Architects and Engineers” is a new consultancy firm which was created by separating Watermaster’s experienced design team and its dedicated resources, for responding better to clients’ calls. Nowadays, to secure our customers with the fully engineered solution, with the most recent technical and aesthetic innovations, a new design entity reveals to be mandatory!

On the other hand, Watermaster “Water Treatment Contractors” has grown into a Specialized Turn-Key Contractor which operate still in two main divisions: Recreational: Wellness Centers, Swimming Pools & Water Features and Treatment: Water Treatment & Waste Water Treatment. The scope extends along the divisions from Design Concepts, Turn-key Projects Realization and After Sales Services. In short, we are today organized to undertake TURN-KEY project from A to Z with proper quality control and planning while meeting the budget.

Finally, the WaterCenter “Your Wellness Partner!” emerged naturally and straight from the need of our customers. We felt that a big segment of our market, more precisely End-Users (Private Residential and Commercial) needed a center where they can come with their partners or Interior Designers and experience the different wellness elements in order to upgrade their life to a better wellbeing state.

WaterCenter was an innovative move from Al Miyah Holding Group to separate our new “Retail Driven” entity from our existing “Projects Driven” company Watermaster.

To conclude, I would like to note that Al Miyah Holding Group has only recently been established and it has a 10 years strategy in the MENA region. Taking into account the political and financial risks of the area, we shall be announcing along the next years our projects and plans. We commit to you our dear friends that we shall continuously innovate and evolve, in order to provide you the best wellness solutions to upgrade your life! Thank you for your trust and support all the way!

Sincerely, Pierre K. Boueri, MSc. Eng., EMBA Chief Executive Officer