Letter from the Chairman


Dear Friends and Customers,

Since 1980, the year I have founded Watermaster, I prepared several letters for brochures, websites, mission statements, I feel that this time is different! Treating water is still a mission and a noble one, and Al Miyah is more than ever deeply involved and dedicating all its resources for this purpose. Water is scarcer and more polluted. Regional events and actions may be based to a large degree on water conditions.

Watermaster, along the years, grew from a private family business to a corporate holding group, MHG, Al Miyah, including several independent firms in Lebanon and Qatar. The main new developments in the firm’s structure are:

  • A Board consisting of several members, not all of them related to the founding family with a CEO appointed for five years.
  • Establishment of three main new activities: Fluid Design, water center and turn key projects, especially in WELLNESS.
  • Splitting the activities in several separate firms all under the umbrella of Al Miyah holding group.

Fluid Design: addresses all consultancy needed for water projects, from A to Z.

WaterCenter: is a trading firm with a very modern up-to-date show room, aimed at serving the individual with five main sections: Wellness, Outdoor, HSE( health , safety and environment ) , water treatment and waste water treatment . All above activities and firms fall and fit under the WELLNESS concept. Today, all of us need a certain “ wellness “ either in: the kind of water we drink or use, the quality of waste water we dispose of, the stress and tension relief so much needed today , the safety crucial issues , the energy saving while protecting the environment. The future of water treatment under the wellness umbrella is bright. Watermaster lately, has made a radical change and improvement, and personally am so optimistic of the positive outcome in serving our environment and clientele. Finally, I am deeply indebted to all of you who contributed to the expansion of Watermaster: the devoted high spirited team, the supporting and trusting Directors and to the limitless confidence and loyalty of our customers.

Sincerely Chairman of the Board Khalil B.Boueri, Eng, EMBA