Corporate Responsibility

Health & Safety

As a regional group of companies, it is our belief that Al Miyah Holding has a responsibility to our stakeholders as well as to the communities where we live and work. Our commitment is built on the deeply ingrained sense of social responsibility among our employees and the recognition that our operations grow stronger by helping to advance and improve local communities, business practices and individual lives wherever we are.

Our social involvement is wide-reaching and covers the following:

  • VALUING OUR CLIENTS - we remain committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, by providing innovative, cost effective, sustainable, and reliable solutions;
  • DEVELOPING THE COMMUNITY - we constantly seek ways through which to contribute in improving the quality of life and the living standards, in the territories where we operate;
  • CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT- we abide by working practices and principles that promote environment friendly and sustainable solutions. Our solutions use the latest in technology with minimal impact and emissions to the environment;
  • BELIEVING IN OUR EMPLOYEES - we maintain a work environment that promotes equality and fairness, while creating great opportunities for growth and development;
  • PROMOTING HEALTH & SAFETY - we actively work on promoting employee health and safety through trainings and workshops. Jobs with high safety and health risks are carefully evaluated and re-engineered to develop alternate scenarios to preserve employee safety;

In addition, Al Miyah Holding is a major sponsor of PASSA - a non-profit association that was established in 2012 in Lebanon, currently also operating in Qatar. PASSA aims at creating awareness against the unnecessary risks of accident or death resulting from the usage of Pools and Spas. PASSA is also heavily invested in protecting the users of the said facilities. Such is achieved through trainings, workshops, safety campaigns and other activities, all aimed at reducing the number of drowning related accidents, and promote the need for safety measures in construction of private and public pools and spas.

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