Turnkey Construction

WATERMASTER www.watermaster.me

Watermaster is a pioneer contracting company that emphasizes on the wellness industry that has extensively committed its resources to the R&D and Water Services within two divisions:

  1. Treatment: water & wastewater
  2. Recreational:  swimming pools, water features and wellness

The scope ranges from Design Concepts, Turn-key Projects Realization to After Sales Services. We provide our customers with all phases from the preliminary ones; design, manufacture, assembly, construction, supply to the final technical stages, operation, trials and testing and maintenance of process plants and equipment.

Our successful track record in the field of water treatment reflects WATERMASTER’s reputation and mission statement. For over 30 years, WATERMASTER has served the public and private sectors with executing a large number of luxurious projects; in Lebanon, Qatar, Iraq, Syria and other MENA countries.