Fluid design

Fluidesign gathers expert, skilled and professional aqua architects and engineers operating in partnership with worldwide conceptualizers, designers or specific consultants; Together to insure a serious pioneering performance making your project a piece of advanced art.

Along with the treatment and wellness study, today Fluidesign furnishes you with wide-range services such as guidance, consultancy, architectural, mechanical and electrical specialization’s design. For each activity its conceptualized scope and for each customer their unique treat. We commit ourselves to offer -professionals, developers, architects, MEP consultants, municipalities, hospitals, universities, industries and end users- cutting edge novelty.

For this purpose we created for you Fluidesign, out of our passion for water and life. Responding to clients’ calls Watermaster engineering team has dedicated his resources in the research, development and design of Water Features, Wellness Centers, Swimming Pools, Water and Waste Water Treatment.

In the aim of securing to the market the fully engineered solution, studied and driven by the most recent technical and aesthetic innovations, an independent design entity reveals to be mandatory. Thus was Fluid Design s.a.l.